East La Parade & Fest Info

East Los Angeles Mexican Independence Day Parade & Festival

EVENT:                                     East Los Angeles Mexican Independence Day Parade & Festival

DATE:                                        Sunday, September 15th, 2024

VIP HOURS:                             9:00am to 12:00pm

PARADE HOURS:                   10:00am to 1:00pm

FESTIVAL HOURS:                 10:00pm to 5:00pm

PRESENTED BY:                     Comité Mexicano Civico Patriótico



Parade Director                                   David G. Benitez

Parade Assistant Director                  José Luis Santana

VIP Program Manager                        Rafael Abdo

VIP Program Assistant Manager       Rafael Abdo

Parade Line up:                                   David G. Benitez

Event Operations Director:                Valerie García

Event Manager:                                   Jorge Lara

Festival Manager:                                Matthew Mondragón

Event Security:                                     Adam Orozco


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Sponsor Manager:                                Judy Roldan


President:                                             Dr. José Duarte

Parade Director:                                  David G. Benitez

Parade Assistant:                                José Luis Santana


County of Los Angeles – Office of Supervisor Hilda Solis

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Los Angeles County Fire Department

Los Angeles County Department of Public Works

Los Angeles County Department of Park & Recreation

California Highway Patrol


This year there are 82 entries, approximately 184 units in the parade line-up.  The estimated running time is two and a half hours (2½) from 0:00am to 0:00pm.  There are entries from 12 Mexican State Federations in participation.


Starts at Cesar Chavez and Mednik Ave.
Ends at Cesar Chavez and Gage Ave.
Equestrian staging area located between Cesar Chavez and Floral Ave.
Parade Participants area located between Mednik Ave and Vancouver Ave.
Disbanding for Parade Participants North and South on Gage Ave. between 1st and Floral.
Disbanding for Equestrians North side of Cesar Chavez between Gage and Townsend.
Disbanding for Floats South Side of Cesar Chavez between Gage and Townsend.

Emergency Procedures

Emergency Crisis Plan – In the event of a major crisis, meeting location will be in the Civic Center Parking Lot.

EMT’s – There will be an EMT (First Aid) Booth located in the Festival area next to the VIP Tent with a stationary EMT.  There will also be 2 EMT’s on a Medical cart on Parade Route.  EMT’s on site will be on radio.  Water and ice will be provided.

Lost Child – if you find a lost child please reassure them that everything will be alright.  Take a minute to walk around the immediate are with the child to look for his/her parents. If you are unsuccessful, please exercise the following steps:

Notify the nearest Sheriff or security officer and provide the proper information which includes a description and the location of where the child was lost.  Give child’s name as well as parent’s name if child knows them.   Alert your supervisor, and then walk the child to the Lost Children’s Center, which is located at the EMT Tent in Festival Area located directly next to VIP Tent.  If anyone has inquiries about the lost child, direct them to the Lost Children’s Center

In case of a major emergency, CMCP and Staff will defer to Sheriff’s Department and CHP for direction.  Radios will be distributed to designated Sheriff and CHP personnel at the parade check-in tent with specific radio channels.

Event Day Contacts

Event Operations Director                        Valerie Garcia                951-591-3859

Parade Director (CMCP)                           David G. Benitez           909-545-9132

Assistant Parade Director                         José Luis Santana        562-668-7525

Parade Line up                                           Eddie Dominguez        Mexico#011521(322)1567430

Parade Participant Manager                     Jorge Lara                      323-313-5267

VIP Manager                                               Eddie Dominquez        Mexico#011521(322)1567430

VIP Assistant Manager                              Raphael Abdo                323-702-4003

Festival Manager                                        Mathew Mondragon      424-373-0479

Sponsor Manager (TMP)                           Judy Roland                   562-682-0030

Media Relations (Vespar PR)                     Mariluz Gonzalez          818-667-6403

Security Director (Comm. Enforcement)  Adam Orozco                323-702-0607

Office of Supervisor Hilda Solis                Bertha Velasquez          213-359-1681

Office of Supervisor Hilda Solis                Joseph Martinez           213-308-6690

LA County Fire                                              Cpt. Robert Harmon   213-760-9293

Medical Lead                                                 Maren Steiner              818-723-5757

LA County Sheriff’s Dept.                          Daniel Reyes                  323-981-5029

California Highway Patrol                          Cpt. Paul Medeiros        323-980-4600

LA County Dept. of Public Works             Stephen Lee                   562-322-1204

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Operations Plan 2018

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